Hip Hop Dancer

Community Academy

This class has been designed to keep our community moving. Health and Wellbeing, Yoga and fitness for people with a disabilities. There are no boundaries at Rothwell Arts.

Here at Rothwell Arts we believe that everyone should have the opportunity to dance. If you’re looking to get more active or wanting to make dance a hobby, we can help.  There’s plenty of dance classes for beginners so please take a look at our timetable where we’re sure you’ll find a class that you love.

 We’ve also teamed up with SOSA Fitness to bring you classes that are adaptable for all levels of abilities and health conditions.  

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SOSA Fitness

SOSA Dance Fitness – Put the FABULOUS into your fitness!

SOSA Dance Fitness is completely unique, bringing Salsa, Latin, Ballroom, and other international dance styles together to create one fantastic fusion of dance.

Easy to follow, fun-packed routines, all set to a fabulous soundtrack to get you singing, shimmying and shaking your maracas!

Each and every step you take, along with arms and body styling, is authentic to the original dance style – with a sassy SOSA twist! There are plenty of progressions and adaptations throughout the class, so that everyone – from complete beginners to more experienced dancers – get the very best SOSA experience.

Our routines are specifically choreographed to be low impact, providing a safe and effective workout suitable for all shapes, sizes, ages and abilities.

Learn beautiful dance styles without the need for a partner!



SOSA Fitness

Seated SOSA Dance Fitness - Chair Dance for EVERYONE!

Seated SOSA Dance Fitness has been created to be fully inclusive, so that EVERYONE can take part in SOSA Dance Fitness classes.

Using routines that are adaptable for all levels of abilities and health conditions, aimed at inspiring older adults to be more active, Seated SOSA Dance Fitness is an authentic International dance fitness programme with a cross genre approach.

  • Authentic Dance Moves – All choreography is designed to stay true to the authentic technique of each dance style

  • Promotion of wellbeing – Boost your confidence and meet new friends. SOSA will work wonders for your general happiness and wellbeing!

  • Fully inclusive – Adaptable for all levels of abilities and health conditions, aimed at inspiring older adults to become more active

Every routine is broken down into easy-to-learn sections which can be delivered at different speeds and levels of difficulty, providing a safe and effective workout for everyone to enjoy.

#NoBoundaries #NoLimits


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