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General Gymnastics, Core Proficiency Award Scheme ( Badge Exams ), Fundamental Early Years Coaching Award Scheme ( Badge Exams ), Circuits, Body Conditioning and Tumbling.

Gymnastics is a highly skilful sport; combining strength, balance and flexibility with control, endurance and self-discipline.

There are many disciplines within gymnastics, suited to all different styles of gymnast, making the sport one of the most inclusive. What are the benefits of gymnastics? By encouraging children to participate in a sport, we are teaching them to enjoy exercise and lead a healthy lifestyle.

Not only is gymnastics important for cognitive development and body awareness, it also produces some of the best athletes in the world. Children who get involved with gymnastics use body weight exercises to develop strength and flexibility, and the harder they work, the easier it is for them to attain their goals within the sport. This enables a child to see the direct relationship between working hard and seeing progression.

At Rothwell Arts, we offer a taster into the world of gymnastics- enabling your child to understand the fundamentals of balance and movement. Our classes allow the development from basic skills such as jumping and rolling, to the higher level skills that children aspire to achieve.

We can cater for any level of gymnast, incorporating technique into all of our activities. We work with a variety of equipment; including hoops and balls on the floor, vaulting blocks and strengthening aids.

Developing gymnasts can work towards badges, tumbling and acrobatics, beam routines. We follow a unique curriculum to keep the young gymnasts engaged in the sport, whilst allowing them to develop their own personal style. There will be opportunities for gymnasts to compete, in inter-club and external competitions in a variety of disciples, namely Floor and Vault and tumbling.

Displays and showcases will also form a part of your child's gymnastics career, allowing them to develop in confidence and show their newly-learnt skills to a friends and family. We will work closely with your gymnast to ensure that they are always learning, and set them personal targets based on their ability.


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