Rothwell Arts Elite Academy

Specially designed to nurture advanced dancers who showcase exceptional talents.

Our Elite Academy isn’t easy. We ask our students to cover all genres of dance and constantly challenge them to participate in competitions, dance shows and Festivals. We cover stage and screen, vocal and continually search for performing opportunities.


On top of this we ask that our Elite Academy students take more exams than normal classes as well as complete vigorous gradings.


The result. Exceptional dancers with successful careers within the arts industry.

Here at Rothwell Arts we know how to nurture talented students into future stars. 


Rothwell Arts Elite Academy 

Train 35 weeks annually 

Saturdays 2-5.30pm

September 2019

October: 2019

November: 2019

December: 2019


February: 2020

March: 2020

April: 2020

May: 2020

June: 2020

July: 2020

August: 2020

Place by audition only 

Next audition January 25th 2-5.30pm 

Auditions are £10.00

Please contact Rothwell Arts to book your audition 



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