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Young Modern Dancers

Dance, Drama and Performing Arts Festival Competitions 

For aspiring dancers, there is always a competition around the corner.

When competition season ramps up, every weekend for a few weeks might be taken up with competitions, so there is never a bad time to start prepping to make your next competition the best one yet…

1. Embrace the team spirit

If you are competing alongside other dancers from your dance school, a little team spirit never goes amiss. It is exciting to compete together, demonstrating all you have learnt in your best possible performance. For some dancers, you might spend more time with your peers at dance lessons than you might with your school friends, so support each other and unite the group. Team bonding will extend beyond your own age division and throughout the whole group.

2. Practice those routines

Competitions may mean you have new dances to learn and get used to, ready to perform on stage like they are the most natural thing in the world. For some dancers this may mean they need to step outside their comfort zone in order to conquer the new dance and get it ‘into their bodies’. Whilst a new dance can seem unfamiliar and unnatural at first, lots of practice and listening to the music over and over will mean both your brain and body can get used to what is required.

3. Expand your horizons

Seeing lots of dance, and different kinds of dance, will mean you are constantly refreshing your dance experiences, and inspiring yourself for the competitions ahead. There may be lots of local dance performances you can attend, whether this is a national tour of a show, a concert, or a local amateur dramatics group. If it’s not easy to see a dance performance local to you, use YouTube as a resource for watching different dance.

4. Set achievable goals!

Setting goals for yourself, whether it is to increase your body conditioning ahead of competition season or mastering a new skill, also prepares you, giving you something clear to aim for. Goals do not have to be award-oriented, but keep them in your mind as a daily reminder to keep working toward your goals.

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